You can become a better athlete by enjoying physical activity outside of your sports practice. There are many ways to be physically active. Certain exercises can help you improve the skills needed for your sport.


Eating right is important to your health and your sports performance. Eating right can be easy because there are many delicious healthy choices.

Water is another important fuel for sports and for life. Drinking the right amount of water is important for your health and can also help your athletic performance.


Being mindful is important for our everyday life on and off the field. Mindfulness helps develop strategies for maintaining emotional wellness under stress which is important for your health and can also help your sports performance.

SONJ at Home will act as a “hub” for all at-home fitness, health, and social activities.

Fitness Activities
Includes archived videos, FIT 5, other fitness resources, and upcoming fitness events to help improve your fitness goals.

Yoga / Mindfulness
Includes archived videos and resources to help you relax and find your inner peace. 

Archived videos, healthy recipes, and nutritional information that help go along with your at-home workouts to ensure optimal health.