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Watch the daily videos and listen for the code words!


Submit the three code words you learned each day to earn points toward prizes!

New for Session 4…

  1. 8-week challenge instead of 4-week challenge.
  2. Challenge videos will run Monday-Thursday. On Friday, recordings of any LIVE events will be posted to the TBC Calendar.
  3. Nutrition/Hydration challenge is weekly.
  4. “Create Your Own Movement” challenges where you can create your own fitness routine.
  5. LIVE fitness and yoga classes held each week. Make sure you check the calendar and register for the LIVE events in order to receive the Zoom link. TBC participants can choose to participate in the live challenge or the recorded version afterwards! LIVE recordings of each class will all be posted on Friday of that week. Friday will count as a make-up day for any LIVE events. You will have until Monday morning at 9:00am to submit the code words for those recordings if you miss the LIVE events.
  6. Stride Challenge 2020. The Stride Challenge will be incorporated as our movement activities for Friday-Sunday. You will be required to record your weekly distance in miles. You can choose to walk, run, or roll in a wheelchair. Register for the Stride Challenge and follow the instructions. Registration is required to record your weekly distance.

Session 4 Incentives

Level 1 (40 points)


Level 2 (50 points)

Reusable Bag

Level 3 (60 points)

Stainless Steel Straw set

Level 4 (72 points)

SONJ TBC Journal